Use Lists to Grow on X (Twitter)

How to use Twitter Lists Effective to Grow on Social Media.

Want to spend less time on X, but get the most out of it?

You are in the right place. In this 2 min article I’ll explain:

  • How to create good lists

  • How to use lists

  • Something you don’t know about lists

  • A special surprise for you

First, what are Twitter lists?

They are similar to the usual for-you feed, but there only appears content from people you add to the list

How to create good lists:

To create a good list, you can’t just add the people you enjoy or your friends

1st. Lists need to have a purpose

2nd. Lists need to have specific types of people

Here is an example:

Purpose: Getting a lot of views

Specific: I’ll add only famous people, who I want to reply to

Another example:

Purpose: Want to get a follow from some specific people

Specific: I’ll add that people and close friends of that people, to get noticed by who I want to be followed

How to use lists:

You need to use lists smartly, we don’t want to spend all day replying to people, so here is what you need to do:

Open google calendar and allocate 5 minutes every hour or so, during this time, you are going to go to the latest posts in your lists, and share the most thoughtful replies you can manage, and if you can’t, just leave a like to the post, and do that with as many posts as you manage in those 5 minutes

Repeat that 10 times every day, and you’ll manage a few hundred thoughtful replies, where people will get to know who you truly are

Something you don’t know about lists

If you go into settings for a list, you can hide the people who are on that list to not show in your feed. Here is an example of how to take advantage of that:

If you want to reply to big accounts with memes to get a lot of views, click don’t show in my feed. So that content from that list, which doesn’t truly relate to you, doesn’t appear on your feed. Therefore you only have to go through that content, when you are in memer mode

A special surprise for you

Thanks for reading, you are the absolute best, and I want to get more connected with you, that’s why I’ve created an X list with people who reply to this email, or who send me a DM to @javiergarcif2

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