Consequences of Not Posting on X (Twitter)

Taking rests on Social Media is not an option.


I’ve been gone for too long.

Here is what happened and how to avoid it.

Let’s jump right into it!

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Why I was gone

  • The consequences

  • What I should have done

Why I was gone

I’m busy with school and exams, luckily that’s coming to an end, at least for a few weeks.

The hardest part is still ahead, so I may go missing again.

I’m in my year before college, and I’ll be taking a university entrance exam, by June, so I have to prepare for it if I want to be accepted.

Hope you understand. But… I could have done things better. Instead of going missing.

The consequences

Being gone comes with consequences. It’s been reflected in a lack of growth, or better said, in a loss of growth, with people unfollowing, and a rapid decline in views.

Views for the last 2 weeks

And more importantly in a decline in active followers, as I’ve lost plenty of tie strength with lots of people, as well as some people have forgotten about my existence.

All this is due to a lack of engaging with people, as I usually do. But I could have done things much better.

What I should have done

You’ve all been here when we lack time to post, and it’s sucks.

But the truth is that it doesn’t take much time to put some posts together and hit the post, so why didn’t I post?

I was indeed too fucking busy, but surely I could have found some time, but I have poor time management, if you are in a similar situation, don’t worry, here are some things I should have done, and you can use them too:

Schedule posts:

Most times when we go gone, we know we were going to disappear, when that happens, we must have some content ready for that time we are gone. For example if you are going on vacation, make sure to schedule some posts for when you are not home.

In order to do so, you can use Twitter-Web, which allows you to schedule posts in advance. And for any other social media, including Twitter you can use Buffer, or similar.

Reuse content:

When we say we don’t have time to post, what we really mean, is we don’t have time to think about what to post, that’s why reusing content is your best friend in this situation.

By reusing content, I don’t mean you scroll through your feed and copy-paste some all posts, that’s trash. What you need is to create new content, from all ideas.

For example, if you had a banger thread, maybe try to share a brief post summing it up. Or you could maybe make a video or share an image related to it.

I’ve talked about this plenty of times, but one key to growth is creating a lot of different content just with a few ideas.

I know I didn’t use any of these two methods, and I should, but now, I’ve learned, and I’m sharing my “failure“ with you too, so we can both grow together.

Hope you found this short email helpful, see you next Monday.


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