Start Owning your Social Media

Right now, you can loose your audience at any moment

Start Owning your Social Media

If you don’t own your Social Media, big corporates can take it down in the matter of seconds, as happened to Andrew Tate.

You may disagree with his ideas, but the truth is his massive following was deleted in the matter of seconds across every platform. The same could happen to you.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • Examples of people who has been censored.

  • The importance of owning your audience.

  • How to own your audience.

  • Free speech social media alternatives.

Examples of people who has been censored:

It hasn't only been Tate who has been banned, also other controversial figures like:

Donald Trump, who was permanently banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook and Instagram following the Capitol riots.

Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars was banned from major platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

As well as other figures like Milo Yiannopoulus, Louis Farrakhan or Katie Hopkins.

Even I've been permanently suspended. Why? For a misunderstood joke. After many attempts to appeal, I figured our I had lost my whole Social Media audience. I want to prevent you from ever having to go through that pain.

The importance of owning your audience:

The difference between owning your audience and not owning it, relies in the fact that if you don't own your audience, you are likely going to loose it.

If your audience relies 100% on a Social Media platform, like Twitter, getting banned, a change on the algorithm or any other reason may lead to a losing your audience. That's why I encourage everyone to own your audience.

When you own your audience, no app nor any person will be able to take your followers away from you.

You may think this isn't possible, but actually therr is an option. Let me explain.

How to own your audience:

Owning your audience may seem as a hard task, but it actually consists in having an audience you can reach regardless of any situation.

Your followers on X, are impossible to reach if a ban where to happen, while apps where people share their emails or phones with you can be reached no matter what.

If you get your email hacked, it doesn't matter, as long as you have your subscribers on an Excell, then, you can reach them through a new account. The same happens for phone databases.

I recommend using platform that allow this, like Beehiiv or any other mailing platform. If you already have an audience, I recommend you create a newsletter, where you can send emails and save your most engaged subscribers.

Free speech social media alternatives:

If you don't want to create an email list, there are some alternatives to traditional Social Media platforms.

Although less people use them, you guarantee you will never lose your followers, nor your content. As this platforms allow 100% freedom of speech.

Traditional social media ➡️ Alternative

YouTube ➡️ Rumble

X (Twitter) ➡️ Telegram, Gettr, FreeTalk45

Facebook ➡️ MeWe

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

It would be awesome if you left a reply with your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated.

See you next Monday, at the same time. Till then, keep Growing.

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