The Role of AI in Social Media

How to Benefit from AI and what to expect.

The Role of AI in Social Media

AI is being used in every real. Including social media.

If you don't want to be left behind, you should start using it too.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • AI situation right now.

  • How to use AI correctly.

  • AI tools for content creation.

  • Social media in the future.

AI situation right now

AI has come to stay, and is already having significant effects on our day to day life. What we used to search in Google, we now use Chat-GPT. And what used to take 2h can now be done in 15 minutes. Things are changing, FAST, and so is social media, due to new AI.

Every day, there are increasingly more people using AI to write their posts, or at least give ideas of what to write about. Which may not seem as something bad, is actually making social media, everything but social. In a near future, there will just be AI's talking to each others. Which doesn't seem very appealing...

But for the time being, is only being used for a few. Those who use it too much lose credibility. And those who use it for inspiration are taking a huge advantage.

How to use AI correctly

Although AI is very helpful in generating new ideas, as well as writing and even making videos and images. We shouldn't automate our social media. That's not the point. AI should help us, not be us. If you want to take advantage and use AI, as you should if you don't want to be left behind. You must be unique, it's not enough with posting what AI tells you to post, your personal takes and opinions AI can't give, is what will make you stand out in a place where therr is do much noise at the moment.

AI tools for content creation

Whatever you want to create related to content creation, there is already some AI tool that can make the work for you.

If you want to write a thread, or any written content, if you give Chat-GPT a clear prompt, it will make a great post.

If you want to create images, for Instagram or any other platform, you can also use GPT, or try Leonardo AI, which has a lot of different styles already set. Which makes it easy to create any image with whatever style you want.

If you are more into video creation, you can try tools like Abode Sensei or InVideo. Open AI (Chat-GPT developers) are creating SORA, which is likely to be the best AI for video creation. Even if you are into music creation, there's already an AI for that, like AIVA and Amper Music.

Social media in the future

AI has come to stay. I expect AI to become increasingly better over time. I expect AI to be used by everyone in the coming years, just like what happened with the Internet decades ago.

I don't think people will stop using them, and AI will be completely undetectable, but... I think we'll be able to have our own AIs. Each person will have their own AI trained with their data. For example, me (Javier), Chat-GPT won't forget everything I tell him when I create a new conversation. AI, will know all about me, and will know exactly how I talk and think. That will make AI both creepy and effective for Social Media. As everyone will be using AI on their social media, but it won't just be AIs talking between them. They will be personalized AIs, which know what we want and how we would act.

This is creepy, but I have a feeling this may become the reality in a few years... for the time being there is no need to worry.

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

It would be awesome if you left a reply with your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated.

See you next Monday, at the same time. Till then, keep Growing.

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