How to reinvest in growth.

The MrBeast method to grow on Social Media.

Reinvest in growth

Reinvesting every penny in growth is a risky strategy, but can be the best way to boost your growth.

Those who are brave enough to prioritize growth over money, are the ones who create empires.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • What is reinvesting.

  • Case studies.

  • How to reinvest.

  • Conclusion.


Reinvesting every penny is a simple strategy, everything you make, you spend it back to increase your growth. This way you don’t make money, but, you are growing your business (or whatever you are reinvesting in), at a much faster pace. This way, you’ll get to a point, where you have such a large following, that you can become profitable whenever you want. And earn much more than what you would be able to make without having reinvested in growth.

Everything comes with a risk. If you want to go all in, in growth. You may waste a lot of money, but, you can also become the next Jimmy (MrBeast), who used and still uses this strategy.

Case Studies:

This strategy has been used by most of the biggest entrepreneurs you know. You may be willing to risk your money, in order to take your business to the next level.

MrBeast managed to grow his subscriber base to over 290 million (only on his main YouTube channel). Although he is undoubtedly a genius and knows how to create engaging content, that’s not how he got where he is nowadays.

He managed to grow so big, thanks to one strategy. Reinvesting. Every penny he made from his channel or sponsors was used in order to create better videos. This created a growth loop, getting him to the staggering following he now has. And it’s safe to say that this risky strategy paid off.

How to reinvest in growth?

If you are making some money from your social media, you can either save or invest it. The option is yours.

Whatever you are making, you want to use that to boost your growth. How?

It depends on what and where you want to grow.


If you want to grow your newsletter subscriber base or your business, then spend that money on buying more ad slots may be the best option.


If you want to grow your YouTube or other video platform, then, investing in better equipment is a must. As well as spending some money on the production of more and better videos. Just like Jimmy did.

Social Media:

If you want to grow your Twitter or on any other social media platform. Other alternatives, like making giveaways or even buying ad slots can be great options.


Or whatever you write about, you may want to invest in that. If you write about travel, then booking a flight may even be a great investment. Or if you write about SEO, then buying some courses about SEO or testing better tools or just new tools, to explain the best out of everything to your audience may be the best investment. Or if you write about tech, buying a VR headset may also be a great investment.


If you are confident with whatever you are creating, then, reinvesting in growth may be the best strategy.

At the beginning you will lose a lot of potential revenue. But, that’s just a sacrifice for potentially making way more money in a near future. Once you have managed to grow your business to a big enough point, that you are confident with the monthly revenue that the business is producing.

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