The Power of Consistency

Consistency is stopping you from success.

You have to be consistent

In this 2’ article, I’ll explain why consistency is the most important trait,

I know it’s hard to be consistent, but it’s the key to success.

Let’s jump right into it!

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Why to be consistent

  • Growth is exponential

  • Consistent people

  • Tips to be consistent

Why to be consistent

Consistency is a skill, and like any skill, you need to work hard to master it. Being consistent is a must if you want to grow at anything, here is why:

Being consistent proves you are reliable, hardworking, disciplined, and what’s most importantly, it proves you care about what you are doing.

No matter if you share posts on social media or go to the gym, if you aren’t consistent you won’t make it.

But especially on social media where people have very limited attention spans, do you think someone is going to remember you if they don’t see you for a long time? There is no chance,

The consequence of this is your engagement rate will dump.

On the other hand, if you are consistent, you create in your followers the habit of seeing you, or the habit of opening your email every week.

Growth is exponential

You’ve surely heard about the 1% better every day, and it’s true.

You tend to think linearly, if I post once a day I’ll grow X, but if I post two times a day I’ll grow 2X, that’s not how it works at all.

The only thing you must do to improve is to be consistent, even if you only share one post a day, if you do that for long enough it will get to a point where you’ve become a master, and you’ll start growing faster than you can imagine, because the knowledge you will acquire compounds over time.

Consistent people

You probably think most people are just born good, but that’s far from true, the problem is that the only thing you end up seeing is the overnight success that comes after years of work.

Do you think Joe Rogan turned his mic on for the first time and became the best podcaster, or may that be the result of over 2000 episodes and spending all his life speaking, let’s keep it real, Joe is not a genius by any means, but he is as hardworking and consistent as it gets.

If you want to blow up you have to put in the time, work, and consistency, of years or decades of hard dedicated work, and you’ll inevitably make it.

Tips to be consistent

We’ve gone a bit too far from track, let’s get into the things that you have to do NOW.

The most important thing about consistency is to never miss a day. But what if I have a wedding that day? Don’t worry, there is an easy solution.

Schedule your posts,

You can do so with any social media platform.

For example, inside X, you can schedule posts through the Twitter desktop website.

Option when writing a post

If you only use your phone, don’t worry, you can achieve this by going to google searching for X, and on the tab setting checking the Desktop site.

Most platforms allow you to do that take this email as an example, I didn’t write this at 6 am, to have it ready at 9 am. This has been scheduled for days.

Also, there are other apps where you can schedule posts across all social media, like Buffer, where you can control all your social media from just one app.

A last tip to become more consistent is to always tell your followers what you are going to do, that way you force yourself to do what you have to do, or you won’t only disappoint yourself but also everyone who believes in you.

That was it for today, hope you learned a lot, as always, see you next Monday.

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