Improve your Writting

Tips to improve your writing skill.

You need to improve your writing

In this post, I won’t teach you how to write, but why you need to improve your writing and what you need to improve.

Let’s jump right into it!

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of writing.

  • How to improve.

  • Tips to improve.

  • Practice makes perfect.

Benefits of writing

Writing is one of those skills that help you in every aspect of your life. The main reason why writing is so important is that it makes you more articulate. When writing, you are not only learning to choose the right words but learning how to express your ideas.

Also, let me ask you, when was the last time you wrote something? No, it wasn’t several years ago, it was a couple of minutes ago when you were replying to your friend's message. The main way of communication is writing. That’s especially true if you use social media accounts like X (former Twitter) or Linkedin.

Your bad writing is probably the only thing that is holding you back from blowing up on social media. But don’t worry, you are here to fix it.

How to improve

I’m aware that I’m not a professional writer, but I do know that I’m improving, and I know what I’m doing to achieve that, therefore I want to share it with you.

I started writing on my email two months ago, and my writing sucks badly. But… I’m improving, how? Well, the first step was accepting I suck, therefore I reached out to people who didn’t suck as much as I did, to learn from them.

That person doesn’t even need to be a professional writer, all you need is someone who gives you feedback. Honest feedback. You need people to call out everything you are doing wrong, or at least the things they don’t like.

Asking for feedback is simple, just attach your writing and tell them to criticize it. You’ll improve fast.

Tips to improve

Before starting this email, I had been using X for years, and I had learned some things.

When you write, you need to catch and retain people's attention. The content is not as important. I’ve seen stupid yet well-written posts that went viral, just because they managed to retain people's attention.

Do you know what people hate most? Reading geeky-like content. People want something easy to read and follow along. And they don’t want to read Wikipedia or some bot reply. People want to read human-like content. Which is the one thing social media lacks, humanity.

Everyone is trying to showcase how proficient and well-spoken they are, but they aren’t the ones succeeding, that’s why they need to write so extravagantly. While there are people like Gary Vee who don’t give a F*** about how they talk, they only want to share their messages in an easy-to-follow way. Gary succeeded because people loved his human-like way of expressing himself.

If you want to improve, I recommend you start reading and analyzing how writers (online content creators) write, start with Gary as an example. Also, as one of the main key points of writing is getting people's attention, I recommend checking the copywriter's handbook, which shares some basic knowledge to grab people's attention through words.

Practice makes perfect

As with anything in life, improving takes time and effort.

The key to improving your writing consists of writing a lot. Most successful writers weren’t born talented, they carved that skill by writing day and night.

That means, even if YOU, who now has poor writing, can become a proficient writer. But it won’t be easy, it’s one of the hardest skills, but a very rewarding one.

Although I’m not the best writer out there, I’m noticing how the more emails I share the better my writing gets, and I’ve only been doing these for a couple of months.

Thanks for reading, hope this email was helpful, I was in a rush, so didn’t have enough time to make it shorter.

If you have any feedback, you would help me massively by replying with it to this email.


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