Make your Profile Shine on X (Twitter)

Improve your Twitter profile and increase conversion rate.

First thing first. Happy New Year!!! 🎉

Want to improve your profile?

In this 2’ post, I’ll explain in detail how to improve the 4 parts of your profile:

  • Profile Picture and name

  • Banner

  • Bio

  • Pin post

I’ve ordered them in other of importance

The first time someone sees you is in a post, and they only get to see your PFP and name, then if they check your profile, they’ll get to see the other 3 parts

Profile Picture and name:

They need to be easily recognizable

To achieve this, you must use smart names. And, if possible, something that is related to your brand. In my case my brand is about me, not about a specific product, therefore I “advertise” myself

Regarding my profile picture, mine is easy to recognize. To achieve that, I would recommend trying to create a high contrast, with bright colors, as I covered in this guide

The banner is as important as your PFP and name. It’s the first thing people see when checking your profile, therefore, it’s what makes people follow you, or leave your page

In your banner, you want to showcase who are you, and what are you doing on Twitter. If you create content for a soccer account, you include an image with the team you support. If you are into web3, make that obvious to everyone

You don’t want people outside web3 to start following you if your content is only about web3


This is an interesting one…

Bio helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), therefore you must include the keywords that best describe your content. If you have some product you want to showcase, this is also your place to do so, but you don’t want to make your account look like a bot, or like someone who is only there to make money

So here is what I do:

I showcase in bullet points the main things everyone should know about me

Then I also add a CTA (Call To Action), to get to see my products, which are my newsletter and also my courses

Pin post:

This is something I don’t have crystal clear

What I would recommend, and see most people doing, is sharing their main or latest product. It might be a new book, a course, or a CTA to subscribe on Twitter

Anyway, I’ve recently tried this, by pinning a post where I showcase my newsletter, and it isn’t working great. And it’s because people surely think my account is all about selling things to people, which is not true, but people think that and stop scrolling my page, so here is what I’ve come to conclusion

You should include your most valuable post. It might be a thread or something like that, and then at the end of it, you can promote people your product

I’ll be giving this a try in the coming days, in the meantime you should start to apply everything I’ve just explained


or to participate.