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Your friends hold you back

Being around people who lift you is incredibly beneficial, but being around those holding you back can have tremendous consequences. Here is why having bad relationships is even worse than you thought.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • Who’s holding you back?

  • Your friends matter.

  • Get yourself a partner for life.

  • How to choose good friends.

Who’s holding you back?

We all know who’s holding us back, although we try to avoid thinking about it.

Everyone who isn’t directly supporting you is holding you back, which most people are. Most people only want you to be around you, because they have some laughs and overall a good time around you, or they just want something from you. But when you are busy and don’t have much time to spend with them, they are the first to criticize you, instead of lifting your hopes.

Also, there are those sorts of “friends who don't want to see you succeed more than they want to succeed themselves”, actually they can’t even be considered friends. Everyone who doesn’t cheer on your success is not helping you succeed.

The main way bad friends hold you back is by draining much of your time as well as motivating you to do things you know aren’t helping you achieve your goals.

Your friends matter.

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with“, this is a quote that has been going all around, for decades, and it’s so true.

Although I’m young, I’ve already seen this reflected in many examples, especially in school. We all know there are excellent students and some others who are below average. That can be for different reasons, but what happens when you are a mediocre student and surround yourself with excellent ones?

Well, this is exactly what happened a couple of years ago. One year a student who barely passed to the next grade, made new friends the next year, she surrounded herself with hardworking and above-average students, and the results were unprecedented. She started getting A’s in most subjects.

It was shocking, and it proved the quote to be accurate.

Get yourself a partner for life.

This is the hardest thing, but also the most rewarding.

Your partner is someone who:

  • Is always going to support you.

  • Has a similar life plan as you.

  • You can grow with.

  • You care about, and cares about you.

  • Knows you well enough to know when you are on the wrong path, and leads you in the right direction.

  • Has no filters and criticizes you openly, without holding anything to himself.

For me, that person is my girlfriend, but it could also be a close friend or anyone who meets the criteria.

I didn’t talk openly with my girlfriend about what I was doing on social media, and all those side hobbies I had, until not long ago, but since then, everything has been much better, now I have the confidence and support from someone who cares about me, and who helps me with everything I need. You must find someone like that.

How to choose good friends:

It’s never too late, because you’ve been friends with someone for all your life, it doesn’t mean you have to stay with that person if it’s doing you bad.

Sure, you can’t just cut that person off, some explanation should be given, as well as try to lead that person to the better side of life, so that way you both grow together and become even better friends.

But if your peer doesn’t want to change, there’s little you can do. That’s when you must find yourself new friends.

The first thing you must do is know what kind of friends you want to have, then just start talking and hanging more with that sort of people, and less with bad people. It’s a whole process, and you’ll never find the perfect circle of people, as people will constantly be moving in and out of your life, but you’ll be much better than you are now.

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

It would be awesome if you left a reply with your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated.

See you next Monday, at the same time. Till then, keep Growing.

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