How to Get BIG Accounts Attention

Big accounts drive 90% of engagement.

Reach to big accounts

I got followed by the biggest account on web3 Alex Finn (183K followers).

Here is how you can do it too.

Let’s jump right into it!

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How it happened (Evidence).

  • How you can do it too.

  • How to make it count.

  • How to add value.

How it happened

I wanted to prove that you can get noticed by big accounts.

I know all you need to do is engage with them and share thoughtful replies, so I set myself a challenge. Get followed by Alex in 30 days, and I posted the challenge.

Little did I know I was only going to need 8 hours of those 30 days.

I went to Alex Finn's feed and started replying to his posts, with great takes.

Also, the post where I mentioned him, started getting some traction, and soon enough, Alex noticed me, here is how he replied:

As you can tell, we successfully crossed the 10 likes he set with ease, I don’t know how long it took, but when I woke up I saw this:

I had completed the challenge, but… Why does it matter?

How you can do it too

I’ve proved with this challenge that it’s true what I stated in the first post. You can get anyone's attention.

But why would you want it?

Because getting noticed by a big account is much better than getting followed by 1000 normies, imagine the impact a big account can create on your account.

A single retweet from someone with tens of thousands of followers won’t only increase your reach to thousands of new people, it’ll also let people know that your content is good because big accounts don’t just repost the first shit they come across.

How to make it count

When you get noticed by a big account you want to get something out of it, usually all you want is to build a strong connection with that person, for that here are some things you should avoid:

  • Don’t be a fun boy, that person won’t feel praised but rather annoyed.

  • Don’t sell your shit (or your not-so-shit), just don’t come out as someone who wants to promote their newsletter or their new course.

Cut the bs, the only thing you need to do is share a ton of value. The reputation and growth you can leverage will be much larger than what some quick sales can ever give.

This doesn’t mean you can’t promote your newsletter or anything like that, but make sure you’ve shared value before doing so.

How to add value

Adding value is simple, but few people know how.

All you need to do is give people what they want, for that you have to…

  • Be understandable

  • Be knowledgeable

  • Be assertive

  • Be helpful

  • Be human

You can do this by simply taking longer than 10 seconds to write your next reply.

If you want to get in the top 1% of content creators, act as one of them, you don’t see them sharing: “Cool post“, “I agree“, “true“, “🔥🔥

They are always the ones who have this kind of message:

I don't agree. There's a lot more business opportunity building applications at the moment rather than prompt engineering. I actually believe AI will get so good within the next 12 months that prompt engineering will be a thing of the past. The AI will be smart enough to know what you want without advanced prompts“.

And if you are wondering, yes, that’s a normal reply from Alex Finn, which took me no longer than 10 seconds to find in his feed.

Everything he posts makes him seem as an expert in any field, that’s how he managed to grow such a large audience.

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