Diversify your content

And increase your reach

Diversity increases your reach

Instead of posting just in one platform, you should post the same content in many platforms.

I’ve done that myself, and I’ve seen incredible results, I’ll teach you how you can do that too.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

Why diversify?

If you only post in one social media platform, your reach is very limited, while if you take your posts and share them across the web, you are going to get way more views with the same effort.

Sharing your content across platforms is a no-brainer, although you can’t just take a post, and share it across all platforms, some tweaks may be needed, but there is some content where no changes are needed.

If you share tweets, blogs or videos, you are of luck, I’ll share with you all the places where you can share the same content.

Furthermore, you can also take your tweets, and transform them into long form with little effort, similarly you can take your long post, and turn it into a video.

Where to share tweets?

If you enjoy sharing short form written post, on social media apps like Twitter. Then, you should start sharing that same content across a range of different platforms.

As well as sharing your post to Twitter, you should also share them to LinkedIn or Facebook, as they are both similar Social Media apps.

Furthermore, you can expand your reach, by sharing your content through pages like Reddit or Quora, which although are intended to be Q&A sites, you can also get a lot of traffic.

For me Reddit has been game changer, just a simple post on this webpage, can get you tens of thousands of views with little effort. Just focus on providing value, and everything will come smoothly.

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Where to share blogs?

Blogs take a long time to write. As with anything you create, you don’t want to spend countless hours to receive close to no engagement.

Regardless of where you post your long posts, it may be on a blog or wherever it is, you should also share it across the following platforms:

  • Beehiiv. It’s a newsletter platform, that you can start for free. That way you can start building your newsletter list, as well as get more views to your content, as posts shared on Beehiiv are likely to get indexed, and get some free organic traffic through SEO.

  • Substack. As well as Beehiiv, it’s another email platform, a major benefit of substack, is how easy it is for people to find your content. After writing a post, you can include several tags and be featured as well as be found by anyone, that’s interested in that topic.

  • Medium. This is one of the most famous blogging pages, where you can share anything you are interested at, and if your content is good enough, chances are it will start getting lots of views. Additionally, you can make some great money by publishing on their site.

  • LinkedIn, you can actually create long post on LinkedIn, that way you are going to be able to get a lot of traffic to your posts. I recommend giving it a try.

Where to share videos?

Making videos take a lot of time, you don’t want your videos to end in the Google archives, for that, you need to share them across as many platforms as you can. Thankfully, most platforms are opting for videos, and you are now able to share them wherever you want.

I recommend you post them across these platforms:

  • YouTube, this is an obvious one.

  • TikTok, if your videos are short form, you are going to love this.

  • Facebook, videos on this platform can also go viral, similarly to Instagram, YouTube Shorts.

  • Twitter. Since not long ago, you can post long form content on Twitter. And it works really nice, some big creators are slowly shifting to this platform.

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

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