How to Create Interactive Content

Interactive content is essential for Social Media Growth.

How to create interactive content.

Interactive content like polls or quizzes are the most fun.

Your audience will thank you for using them.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • What is interactive content?

  • What is the best interactive content?

  • Examples of interactive content.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content allows a user to engage with your content in one way or another.

It can be as simple as running a poll or a contest.

Everyone loves engaging with content, and people love the feeling of being part of something, even more, if you make it feel like a game.

But, why does it work so well?
Interactive content makes people pay attention to your content, just by people zooming on your image of voting on a poll, that makes social media boost your content. Also, interactive content is more likely to be shared. Some people might get their friends involved or send it to people who they know are interested.

Also, if you manage to get your whole community together, they are going to love it. People love talking and sharing experiences with like-minded people. You must aim to get people to discuss with each other in the reply section. Not only for the engagement but because people love conversations.

The best interactive content.

Interactive content is anything that gets people to engage and be part of something.

In 2022, Reddit created a place where anyone could paint a pixel, 10.381.163 users painted on it. Each creator with the help of their community managed to paint a variety of logos, flags, and iconic figures.

Reddit Pixel War

This was possible only because people love engaging with interactive content. The more creative and relevant, the better.

Another great example are the Morning Brew contests.

“The Greatest Product of All Time Bracket Challenge” by Morning Brew

Tens of thousands of users voted. For example, the first question was voted by 6.979 users, but you 1 of every 1000 users liked the post.

What can we learn? People find it way easier to click a poll than a like. Maybe that’s because they don’t like the content as much, or because they don’t want people to know they’ve liked a post. Anyhow, the post although with few likes had millions of views. Because as I’ve already explained, votes also count as interactions, thus boost your posts.

All that being said, it’s safe to say, you must start creating intractable content right now. If you don’t know how to start, I would recommend simple polls, or a tier list. Later on, you can go and create a Kahoot or something more complex.

Another great way, is by creating a Q&A where anyway can ask you anything, it’s helpful if you want to build confidence with your audience and help them better understand you.

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

It would be awesome if you left a reply with your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated.

See you next Monday, at the same time. Till then, keep Growing.

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