How to Build Connections on Twitter

Extensions to create relationships on Social Media, Tweet Hunter vs Audiense.

How to Build Connections on Twitter

Relationships are key to growing on Social Media. Having active followers will boost all your posts.

If you find it difficult to build new connections, don’t worry and keep reading.

Let’s jump right into it!

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • What does making connections mean?

  • How do you build a connection?

  • How to build connections fast.

  • Extra tips to build connections even faster.

What does making connections mean?

A lot of people misunderstand this term. Some people have 5K followers and think they have 5K connections. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Actually, your follower count and your number of connections have nothing to do. Someone with 100 followers can have more connections than someone who has 10K followers. Why?

Connections are those people who care about you and what you are doing, as well as engage actively with your content.

Someone can have 10K followers, but its followers may not care about that person, while the account with 100 followers, might talk daily with his followers, and has actually lots of connections.

How do you build a connection?

Connections are not something you can force people to have with you. You can’t go and connect with whoever you want. Connections are a two-way route, you engage with them, and they engage back.

But, there are some practices, that increase the chances of building strong connections. Like:

  • Following them.

  • Engaging with their content daily.

  • Commenting on their content daily.

  • Sliding in their DMs.

All these things are valuable. And help build a strong relationship.

Why did I include “daily”? Because if you don’t, you’ll lose that connection. Relationships come and go, if you stop giving you’ll also stop receiving.

And on Social Media that’s especially true, if you stop engaging with someone, the algorithm will stop showing you that person.

How to build connections fast:

Building a new connection is something that can’t be done overnight.

Connections are made slowly. And over time, they get strengthened.

But that doesn’t mean we can make this process more efficient. There are some tools we can use to make this easier.

I recommend you download Tweet Hunter Extension, there are a lot of helpful tools built inside this app.

Once you’ve downloaded the chrome extension, when you open Twitter on your desktop, there will appear a sidebar. That’s what we’ll be using.

Every time you reply to a comment or a post, there will be featured posts from that person on the sidebar, which you’ll have to engage with in order to build a strong relationship.

The more you reply to someone, the more likely they are to start following you and become a great relationship over time. That’s why you won’t be replying to just one post from each person, but rather 3 or more.

Extra tips to build connections even faster:

Another great tool is Audiense. It has a feature that lets you discover Twitter users, by applying filters, like minimum followers, maximum followers, country, language, and keywords. This is what you need to focus on.

Type the keywords that best align with your interests, and connect with the accounts that show up. For example, if you are into crypto, you might want to add: BTC, NFT…

If you are not sure what keywords to add, then just add whatever you post about. Marketing. Social Media. Entrepreneurship. Sales. SAAS. And you’ll find people who are also interested in your niche.

Also, you can use Twitter lists and Twitter communities. I’ve already made a post about how to use Twitter lists effectively, so I won’t explain it again to avoid repeating myself.

Thanks for reading

Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, I hope you learned a lot and that it was helpful.

It would be awesome if you left a reply with your thoughts, feedback is always appreciated.

See you next Monday, at the same time. Till then, keep Growing.

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